Robert Neville

Robert Neville (2007 I Am Legend Movie)

Robert Neville (played by actor Will Smith) is a virologist who is immune to a man-made virus originally created to cure cancer. He works to create a remedy while defending himself against the mutated humans and other creatures created by the virus.

Movie (2007)Edit

In the 2007 BlockBuster movie by WarnerBrothers, Robert Neville lives with his pet German Shepherd, Samantha and tries to find the cure to the 'Cancer Cure's after affect which turns the consumer / victim into vampire, zombie like beings who love to feed on flesh. He's forced to kill Sam after she gets bitten by an infected dog and towards the end of the movie, he kills a group of Darkseekers with a grenade, at the cost of his life as well however.

Novelisation (1954)Edit

In the novelisation by American writer Richard Matheson, Robert Neville is the main character, as the author explains how Robert suvived an Apocolypse, and his life story on how he copes being ' The only man alive'.