Welcome To 'IAL: Fanon' Wikia!==

'IAL:Fanon Wikia' is a place to post all of your fanfiction, drawings, stories, adventures, ideas for future films and more!

All IAL Fanon members will have their own page to post their creations. Please read the rules below to learn more about this.

Competitions will be held and the winner will earn a place on the 'Hall Of Fame'.


You must contribute to these rules in order to take part in IAL: Fanon:

1. If you wish to become a member on this to post your creations, you must first add a page here and name it your user name. Here is an example: 'Dogs2me Fanon'.

2. After sucessfully making your profile page, you MUST add it to: 'IAL: Fanon Members' which you will find below.

3. Only post your creations on your own profile page.

4. Ordinary rules apply as well as the others.

5. Only Mod's can anounce competion winners. If you ar caught cheating or adding yourself to the 'Hall Of Fame' without permission, you will be blocked until further notice.